Features of pressure thermometer


  A pressure type thermometer is a thermometer that mea […]

  A pressure type thermometer is a thermometer that measures temperature based on the relationship between saturated vapor pressure and vaporized liquid temperature in a closed temperature measurement system.

  This product is an ordinary pressure thermometer, suitable for measuring the temperature of liquid/gas and steam within 20 meters. The measuring medium should be a non-corrosive medium. If you want to measure corrosive media, please contact our pressure gauge factory to customize the Pressure type thermometer.

  Features of Pressure type thermometer

  1. Accurate measurement and easy to use.

  2. High-quality materials, sturdy and durable, and good performance.

  3. Accurate temperature measurement and sensitive response.

  Application field

  Pressure type thermometer is widely used in machinery, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries for temperature measurement and control in the production process.

  Packing and shipping

  Delivery details: Regular size usually comes with some inventory, and the delivery time is 3-30 days.

  Larger sizes or some special customization according to our daily production plan may take 25-45 days.

  Transport details: small amount of express or air transport, such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, etc. Large quantities are transported by sea.

  Packing details: ordinary outer packing is a carton or special request.

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