Professional Operators

More than 90% of our on-site operators have professional technical education background, and have many years of experience in equipment processing and instrument adjustment. It is precisely because of this united, dedicated, pioneering, technologically sophisticated and experienced team that the company's technology and products can be continuously updated and improved.

Advanced Production Equipment

Our company has multiple automatic CNC lathes, dryers, calibration tables, laser typewriters, and many other advanced accessories production instruments, which provide parts support for research and development and can independently adjust the production time. The laser welding machine is fully computer controlled, which can meet the needs of customers with high requirements for stainless steel welding.

Product advantages

1. Strong R&D capability and comprehensive product line
2. Complete product parts inventory to meet emergency deployment at any time
3. Advanced production equipment and laboratory equipment
4. Productivity (every day), 10,000 pressure gauges, 3,000 thermometers,
5. On-time delivery capability, the error is within 1-3 days
6. A variety of special products to meet customer choice
7. Self-produced parts, better control quality, time and price.

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