Air manometer is usually used to measure air velocity


  For simplicity and accuracy, there is nothing better […]

  For simplicity and accuracy, there is nothing better than a pressure gauge

  The industry has many requirements for pressure measurement. Applications include measuring liquid level, tank pressure, flow, or hydraulic system pressure. To measure low pressure, one such device is called a pressure gauge.

  The air manometer was originally used as a U-shaped tube-just a tube filled with liquid. The unit works according to the principle of gravity and the density of the liquid being measured. A ruler or scale is used to measure the height of the fluid in the U-shaped tube, which can directly read the existing pressure. The pressure of the manometer ranges from a few inches of water column to a few feet.

  Measure airflow

  An air manometer is usually used to measure air velocity. The moving air generates a force proportional to speed. Usually, only a few inches of water column force is applied to the pressure gauge for measurement, and then it is converted into a flow rate by a simple calculation. The measurement of airflow in ducts and ventilation systems is used by pressure gauges.

  Medical application

  Another use of the pressure gauge is to use a cuff to measure blood pressure. Low-pressure pressure gauges can also be used to measure the flow and pressure in the patient's airway. Pressure gauges have also been used in industrial environments, wind tunnels, and atmospheric pressure measurement for weather forecasting.

  Digital pressure gauge

  There are many pressure gauge designs to choose from. Now, most pressure gauges are digital models. This is because fluid pressure gauges that use mercury are considered toxic. At Validyne, our pressure gauges measure pressure by using a pressure sensor instead of a column of fluid. The digital pressure gauge can be used with any device that relies on gas or liquid for operation.

  Air manometer can also isolate system pressure problems, such as barbecue grills, propane, and natural gas. The HVAC industry sometimes uses these devices to troubleshoot air conditioning and heating systems. The pressure gauge can also be used to troubleshoot various pneumatic or low-pressure gas systems.

  Advantages of Air manometer

  There are several advantages to using an electronic pressure gauge. The electronic pressure gauge is portable and more compact than the old liquid-filled pressure gauge. Compared with the previous version, the electronic pressure gauge is more accurate, with higher resolution, and the digital display is easier to read.

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