Working Principle of Pressure Type Thermometer


Pressure type thermometers are made using the principle […]

Pressure type thermometers are made using the principle that the pressure of the working medium (gas, vapor or liquid) in a sealed container changes with temperature changes. The following issues should be paid attention to during use and installation:

The meter reading of the pressure thermometer of gas or liquid is not only related to the temperature of the bulb but also affected by the temperature of the capillary tube and the spring tube, that is, by the temperature of the surrounding environment. Although a certain compensation method is adopted, it cannot be used. The influence of ambient temperature is fully compensated. Therefore, the range of ambient temperature change during use is specified. Pay attention to this problem in actual use.

The static pressure of the liquid acts on the pressure gauge, resulting in reading errors, which should be corrected.

It is not suitable to measure the temperature close to room temperature. Because the measured temperature fluctuates near room temperature, the vapor in the capillary tube and the spring tube vaporizes for a while and condenses for a while, which cannot accurately and timely reflect the temperature change.

The temperature must not exceed its upper limit of measurement when used. Once it exceeds, all the liquid in the bulb is vaporized, and the vapor pressure at this time is no longer the saturated vapor pressure, so the relationship with the temperature response has changed, and the measurement result is definitely not Accurately, it can even damage the meter due to the violent expansion of steam.

The capillary tube of the pressure thermometer is prone to fracture and leakage. When installing, be careful not to lay it in a place that is easy to be damaged or worn. After selecting an appropriate position and tightening it slightly, fix it with a clamp and protect it with angle iron. Right angle. The capillary tube should not be close to or in contact with high-temperature heat sources such as steam pipes.

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