Pressure Gauge Purpose Classification


As a pressure gauge with the elastic element as the sen […]

As a pressure gauge with the elastic element as the sensitive element, the pressure gauge has been widely used in the industrial field due to its technical advantages of high accuracy, convenient detection and simple operation since its development and application. Since pressure gauges are mainly used for important link detection in the industrial field, once the pressure gauge has a problem of inaccurate measurement verification, it will inevitably have a greater impact on the stability and safety of products in the industrial field.

With the further application and promotion of pressure gauges, the accuracy of pressure gauge measurement verification has received widespread attention. How to perform correct measurement verification and calibration of pressure gauges is a very prominent problem in the development of pressure gauges.

The pressure gauge uses the elastic wire element as the sensitive element for sensing, which can measure and indicate the instrument that is higher than the ambient pressure so that the measurer can understand the pressure value of the measuring instrument through the display of the pressure change. According to the classification of pressure gauges, the pressure gauges can be divided into ordinary pressure gauges, ammonia pressure gauges, oxygen pressure gauges, shock-resistant pressure gauges, electric contact pressure gauges, digital compact pressure gauges and double-needle pressure gauges, etc., to make the pressure actual In application, the type of pressure gauge needs to be selected according to the requirements of the measuring instrument.

Under normal circumstances, the maximum range scale of the pressure gauge is 1.5-3.0 times of the maximum working pressure of the vessel, but in order to ensure the accuracy and safety of the pressure detection of the pressure gauge, the actual measurement needs to be controlled at about 2 times, and the diameter of the pressure gauge It cannot exceed the range of 100 mm.

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