What Is The Precision Of All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges?


  In pressure monitoring, the pressure gauge is necessa […]

  In pressure monitoring, the pressure gauge is necessary equipment on some equipment. It is used to monitor the pressure changes of pipelines and equipment and record the pressure changes. The pressure gauges are mainly divided into ordinary pressure gauges and all stainless steel pressure gauge according to different materials. , The accuracy of these two pressure gauges is different according to the different models selected by the customer.

  The precision of all stainless steel pressure gauges varies according to the degree of precision. The precision of precision pressure gauges is 0.1, 0.25, and 0.4; the precision of ordinary pressure gauges is 1.0, 1.6 (formerly 1.5), 2.5, and 4.0; the precision of pressure gauges with a diameter of 60 or more is 1.0 and 1.6. ; The pressure gauge on the surface of 60 and below is 2.5 grade; the bellows and diaphragm pressure gauge are generally 2.5 grade.

  Many customers do not understand the accuracy of pressure gauges, so what does the accuracy grade of pressure gauges mean?

  The accuracy grade of all stainless steel pressure gauges is expressed as a percentage of the allowable error to the pressure gauge range. The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy. For example, if the dial range is 0~1.6MPa, it is a pressure gauge with a precision of 1.6. The allowable error between the pressure value indicated by its pointer and the actual pressure value of the measured medium shall not exceed the upper 1.6MPa×1.6%=±0.0256MPa.

  It can be seen that the actual error of the all stainless steel pressure gauge is not only related to the accuracy but also related to the range of the pressure gauge.

  When the range is the same, the higher the accuracy (that is, the smaller the number), the smaller the allowable error of the pressure gauge. When the accuracy is the same, the larger the range, the greater the error of the pressure gauge.

  After understanding the accuracy of all stainless steel pressure gauges, how should we reasonably choose the accuracy grade, range, and model of the pressure gauge?

  All stainless steel pressure gauge is a common measuring instrument, which is widely used in various production fields. The selection of the pressure gauge should be based on the requirements of use, and on the premise of meeting the technical requirements of the process, comprehensive consideration should be given to the principle of economy and practicality, so that the accuracy level, range, type, and model should be selected reasonably.

  For high accuracy requirements, precision pressure gauges should be used, with accuracy levels of 0.1, 0.16, 0.25, and 0.4; for conventional pressure measurement, conventional accuracy pressure gauges of 1.0, 1.6, and 2.5 are generally used.

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