The Difference Between Vacuum Pressure Gauge and Pressure Gauge


1. Different functions 1. Vacuum Pressure Gauge: Based […]

1. Different functions

1. Vacuum Pressure Gauge: Based on atmospheric pressure, it is used to measure instruments that are less than atmospheric pressure.

2. Pressure gauge: refers to an instrument that uses elastic components as sensitive components to measure and indicate higher than ambient pressure.

Second, the application is different

1. Vacuum Pressure Gauge: Vacuum Pressure Gauge and vacuum gauges are used to measure non-crystalline, non-solidified liquids or gases that have no corrosive effect on steel, copper and copper alloys, and have no danger of explosion.

2. Pressure gauges: It can be seen everywhere in the fields of heat pipe network, oil and gas transmission, water supply and gas supply system, vehicle repair and maintenance factories and stores. Especially in the process of industrial process control and technical measurement, due to the high mechanical strength and convenient production of the elastic sensitive element of the mechanical pressure gauge, the mechanical pressure gauge is more and more widely used.

Overview of Vacuum Pressure Gauge

Vacuum Pressure Gauge is based on atmospheric pressure and is used to measure gauges that are less than atmospheric pressure. Vacuum Pressure Gauge is suitable for measuring the vacuum pressure of liquids and gases that do not explode, crystallize, solidify, and have no corrosive effect on copper and copper alloys. It is widely used in gas transportation, pipeline liquids and closed containers to measure the pressure of various liquids, gases, steam and other media that are non-corrosive, non-explosive, non-crystalline and non-solidified, such as various industrial automatic control environments, involving petroleum Pipeline, water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent building, production automation, aerospace, military industry, petrochemical, oil well, electric power, ship, machine tool, pipeline air supply, vacuum equipment and many other industries.

The working principle of the vacuum pressure sensor is that the pressure of the medium acts directly on the diaphragm of the sensor, causing the diaphragm to produce a micro-displacement proportional to the pressure of the medium, so that the resistance of the sensor changes, and the electronic circuit detects this change and converts it. A standard signal corresponding to this pressure is output.

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