Introduction of Vacuum Pressure Gauge


Vacuum pressure gauge, also known as pressure vacuum ga […]

Vacuum pressure gauge, also known as pressure vacuum gauge, is mainly based on atmospheric pressure and is used to measure the atmospheric pressure difference. It is mainly used in the measurement of liquid or gaseous media that has no corrosive effect on metals such as steel, copper, and alloys, and is not flammable, explosive, and solidified. The pressure of the liquid or gaseous medium can be detected in real time. Said so many things that seem to be very powerful and very professional. Let me introduce you to the Vacuum pressure gauge in detail.

How Vacuum pressure gauge works

Through the deformation of pressure-sensitive components such as Bourdon tubes, bellows or bellows, the deformation pressure is transmitted to the pointer through conversion, thereby causing the pointer to rotate.

Its composition is also very simple. It consists of three parts: pointer, glass panel and overflow. The pointer editor will not explain much, generally according to the standard pointer. (Of course, if there are special needs, the pointer can also be replaced with other forms of pointer.) The glass panel is the layer of glass on the surface of the Vacuum pressure gauge that we see. You need to choose your favorite glass, such as tempered glass, non-reflective glass, etc. The function of the overflow port is that if the pressure in the device is too high, in order to prevent the explosion of the dial glass from threatening our personal safety, the excessive pressure will make the overflow port open to release the gas in the dial.

Vacuum pressure gaugeFeatures

Next, let's talk about the characteristics of Vacuum pressure gauge. One of the characteristics is that the equipment has high stability, fast measurement speed and high accuracy. The second feature is that there are no parts in the Vacuum pressure gauge that are afraid of high temperature, so it will never be melted by high-temperature steam or oil and other media. The third feature is that its structure is very stable, it is difficult to deform, and it is easy to transport and install. The fourth feature is that the measured value is not affected by the type, density, temperature and other conditions of the medium.

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