How to Use the Silicone-filled Pressure Gauge?


The silicone-filled pressure gauge is a type of mechani […]

The silicone-filled pressure gauge is a type of mechanical instrument used to measure the pressure of fluids, gases or air. It consists of a bourdon tube, which is a coiled, hollow, cylindrical tube made of metal, that is connected to the inlet or outlet of the system being measured. The bourdon tube is designed to expand or contract in response to changes in the pressure, which causes the gauge's pointer to move and indicate the pressure reading.

In a silicone-filled pressure gauge, the bourdon tube is filled with silicone fluid, which helps to dampen the effects of vibration and pulsation on the gauge's components. The silicone fluid also helps to lubricate the moving parts of the gauge and prevent corrosion or damage to the internal components.

Silicone-filled pressure gauges are commonly used in applications where the pressure being measured is fluctuating or subject to vibration, such as in industrial or automotive settings. The silicone filling helps to ensure accurate and stable readings in these challenging environments.

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