The Difference Between Oil and no Oil in Pressure Gauge


Is it better to add oil to the pressure gauge or not? A […]

Is it better to add oil to the pressure gauge or not? A: They have their own characteristics. Now we will show you both types of pressure gauges.

The pressure gauge with oil is an oil-filled pressure gauge, also known as a shockproof pressure gauge. Mechanical pointer pressure gauge filled with liquid in the box, and mechanical pointer (or rotary table) pressure gauge filled with liquid and equipped with a damper in the box. It is composed of a pressure guiding system (including connector, spring tube, current limiting screw, etc.), gear transmission mechanism, digital indicating device (pointer and dial) and housing (including housing, cover, glass, etc.). The oil-filled pressure gauge has good seismic performance. It is especially suitable for the measurement of fluid pressure with violent pulsation or instantaneous impact. Its driving indicator is viscous damping fluid, which greatly reduces the influence of mechanical vibration on its work. The utility model can work in harsh environments such as high humidity and dust and underwater. It can be used to measure the medium with high viscosity, easy crystallization and easy solidification such as cement and mud.

The shockproof pressure gauge is applicable to places with severe vibration. It can withstand the pulsation, impact and sudden unloading of the medium. The instrument indication is stable and clear. It is widely used in mechanical, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, mining, power and other departments to measure the pressure of noncorrosive media such as copper and copper alloys.

The oil-free pressure gauge is a commonly used pressure gauge. The ordinary pressure gauge belongs to the local indicating pressure gauge, which does not have the functions of remote transmission, display and adjustment. It can display the pressure locally. The ordinary pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure and vacuum of liquid, gas or steam, and has no explosion, crystallization, solidification and corrosion on copper and copper alloys. In the process of industrial process control and technical measurement, universal pressure gauges are widely used because of their high mechanical strength and convenient production and installation.

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