Specifications Of Pressure Type Thermometer


  Product description of Pressure type thermometer   Th […]

  Product description of Pressure type thermometer

  This is a Pressure type thermometer with fast response, high sensitivity, and intuitive reading. It combines all the advantages of a glass rod thermometer, a bimetal thermometer, and a barometric thermometer. The handheld thermometer is mainly used to measure water temperature. The measurement range is 0-120°C.

  Features of Pressure type thermometer from pressure gauge factory:

  1. This thermometer is used to measure liquid, mainly measuring water temperature.

  2. The measurement temperature range is 0-120°C.

  3. The sensor is made of brass, which has better temperature conductivity than iron or steel.

  4. A clear temperature scale is marked on the dial for easy reading.

  5. With a 1.5 m capillary tube for remote data reading.

  Specifications of Pressure type thermometer:

  Model: TS-W53

  Material: ABS plastic

  Colour: Black

  Structure type: axial type

  Measuring range: 0-120°C

  Scale: 2°C

  Measurement accuracy: (+/-) 2%.

  Dial diameter: 5.8 cm.

  Capillary length: 1.5 m

  Sensor length: 34 mm

  Sensor diameter: 6 mm

  Approximate weight 70 g

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